Nolla For Medical Devices

Nolla™ technology is the ideal choice for multiple applications in the medical devices sector.

Nolla Antimicrobial in the medical devices sector

The medical devices sector is one of the focus areas of Nolla Antimicrobial. The company targets end products used in improving the quality of life of hospitalized people and in the prevention and treatment of diseases and wounds.

Silver is already widely used in medical devices due to its safety and efficacy. Less toxic than table salt but highly effective against microbes, silver is the perfect option for improving hygiene.

Nolla silver polymer enhances the performance, skin-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and practicality of using silver and thus is a natural choice for applications in the medical devices sector.

Specific application areas of Nolla™ technology cover a wide range of products from simple bandages to sophisticated wound healing products, and from antimicrobial nonwovens to catheters.

Nolla for wound healing and skin tissue engineering

Nolla technology opens new doors for skin tissue engineering and wound healing applications.

Due to the relatively low cytotoxicity of Nolla to mammalian cells, the uniform and continuous silver ion coating improve the antimicrobial performance of products in these categories to a new level.

Nolla technology releases antimicrobial silver ions in a controlled manner from various tissue engineering substrates, maintaining human skin cell viability and proliferation while being effective against pathogenic microbe species.

Extensive and irreversible wounds must be covered with antimicrobial dressings and skin substitutes. Ideal skin substitutes protect the wound from infections and physical damage. Tissue-engineered skin substitutes and other wound healing applications are one of the fastest growing areas in the medical devices sector.

Nolla technology
offers remarkable benefits in these sectors:

  • Optimal hemostatic and anti-adhesion properties
  • Air and moisture permeability
  • Hydration prevention
  • Cell adhesion promotion and proliferation for faster healing

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